Top 5 Best Rom Coms Tv Series To Watch With Friends, Family & Partner(2022)

A Quote says, “There will always be tough times in your life, but its up to you to pass it with laughter or while stressing about it”. We would say former option of ‘laughter’ is way more interesting, less stressful and fun. You would be fascinated to know about the conclusions of various researches conducted on people & couples in particular to understand the effects of “watching Rom-Com(Romantic Comedy) TV shows” on their lives and on relationships.  Studies have concluded to bring in more understanding and romance in relationships. Rom-Com’s not only will give you lots of entertainment with intriguing plot, but they also will reduce your stress levels by making you laugh.  So get lets dive into top 5 best funny rom-coms tv series to watch in your leisure time.

5) How I Met Your MotherHow_i_met_your_mother-top-good-rom-coms

One of the most famous romantic comedies of all times, the show has series of patchups, breakups on the journey of finding true love for the show’s main character ‘Ted Mobsy’.

The show is also famous for its theories, puns and one liners by  a most awesome character of the show ‘Barney Stinson’, who apparently is also the king of picking girls for short hookups and one night stands.

The show packs in a couple “Marshal & Lily”, who are college buddies of the shows main character ‘Ted’, this couple have been together for decades and you could see their bonding just going stronger season after season in all ups & downs against all odds.

So this show turns out to be a must watch to tickle comic bone of yours and your partner while making the romantic spark stronger.

4) New girl


The 1st season kicks off from a girl who is new to the city and looks for an rented apartment, and a interesting twist to the plot is that she finds a rented apartment with all boys in it.

The show’s lead men characters are always on the look for lovely ladies and the shows moves ahead showing there life’s journey among other friend’s problems that they solve together. The show gets more and more enjoyable as it moves to next season.

One of the most funniest scenes ever enacted in this show happens to be at a marriage scene will make you go on an uncontrollable laughter riot.

Like in most romantic sitcoms, this show also features 1 character who is die hard romantic and he loves a girl deeply. We would leave it onto you to find out more, but while tinkling your comic bone, this show does create many special romantic moments, that will make you go wow.

3) The Big Bang Theorythe_big_bang_theory_must-see-tv-series

You would have saw many shows with good looking lead characters, but we bet that you would not have watched any show based on highly educated scientist. The show packs a punch with it being smart in terms of intellectual thoughts, thoughful content and full of comedy punches. The level of content  and comedy goes to the next level season after season.

The shows has 4 lead actors who are on lookout for their girlfriends, which eventually leads to many sweet romantic moments in the show. You will be fascinated to know how each scientist tries their best in keeping their relationships happier and lively.

Also, one of the most amazing thing about this show is cross references, you would find cross references of sci-fi movies and shows like game of thrones.

The show started in 2007 and till now have been aired for 12 seasons.  You can watch the show on ‘Hotstar’ and CBS.

2) Man with a planMan-With-a-Plan-tv-show-best-rom-coms-to-watch

The show is based on a couple in their 40’s that are immensely beautifully in love with each other, the couple has 3 kids.

From coping with situations like getting their eldest 14 year old daughter going on her first date to having their 11 year old son having his 1st girl friend the show keeps getting more interesting and funnier with each season.

Amidst all the family, parents and in-laws madness, you would find this beautiful lead couple solving their own personal issues with ease and laughter.

The ‘Lead Man’ surely has a plan to tackle each situation and the end result of it is always – Lots of Laughter, Fun, beautiful romantic moments, learning some newer aspect of having joyous relationships and building deeper friendships.

So, ‘Have you made a plan’ to watch this show?.. We hope yes 🙂 …!!



This one is undoubtedly the best show you can ever watch in your lifetime. We ourselves are big fan of this show and its legendary characters.

The plot of the show revolves around 6 friends, but as the seasons move ahead, You would see each of the main character struggling with their love lives while making you stomach ache with you laughing uncontrollably at numerous times.

We dont want to give out spoilers, so lets just say that this show packs in one of the most amazing romantic wedding proposals you could ever see and imagine.

So waiting for what, quickly grab your popcorns and get yourselves comfortable on your sofa , while you go ROFL while watching one of the best comedy show ever made with series of beautiful romantic moments.

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We hope this top 5 best rom com tv shows list inspired you to pick one to watch with your partner, spouse, family or friends. We hope that these shows brings in more romance and laughter filled moments in your life.

Do share with us which show you like the most in comments below. Share this with your close ones to make them know of the most funny romantic comedy TV series.

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