9 Best Health Diet Foods Tips To Give You Healthy Fit Body

Perfection is looking fabulous, beautiful, young and staying healthy as well. All of us can achieve this perfection easily to look more beautiful, stay fit, healthy and have healthy body weight with best healthy diet plan. We would suggest some easy best diet plans, nutritious foods, healthy tips, low fat foods and healthy foods to help you get the most healthy lifestyle with the beautiful fit healthy body. Stay tuned to know 9 best diet tips to help you get the best health with the best body, so that you would stay fit and healthy always.

1) Include Fruits and Veggie’s in your Daily Diet

Fruits like Oranges, Sweet lime, strawberry, kiwi etc are excellent sources of Vitamin C and have lots of Fibers. Veggies like Peas, Cabbage, beets, sweet potato, broccoli, corn or green bean have lots of Fibers. Fibers helps in good digestion of the food and increase Metabolism. Also vitamin C will promote healthy skin and hairs .

2) Drink 2 cups of Green Tea Every day

It is scientifically proven that Green tea’s increase metabolism by 4%, which will boost fat burning process. So include green tea in your daily diet instead of the traditional Tea/Coffee.  Also Green Tea is the powerhouse of Anti – oxidants, which prevents your skin from aging and it also reduces the risk of some types of Cancer. Want to know more about 8 health benefits of Green tea, read here- Worlds healthiest Drink-Green Tea

3) Include Salad Before Eating Meals

Include Carrots, cucumber, and tomato in your diet before eating lunch and dinner. So, you will eat less food than usual there by helping you lose weight. They have high amount of fibers which will boost metabolism and help you lose those extra pounds. Also Carrot, cucumber and tomato are good for your skin and eyes health.


4) Drink 8-10 glasses of water

Our body is mainly made from water and water influences 100 percent of the processes in our body, so it’s best to stay hydrated all day long. Most of time when you feel you are hungry, mostly we are not hungry for food we just need to stay hydrated. So grab that glass of water to prevent the unnecessary eating and get back with your work. Make sure that you drink at least 2 litres of water in a day which is around 10 glasses of water. Moreover good water content levels in body promotes in maintaining the perfect moisture in your skin and hairs.

5) Avoid Fried Junk Foods

It will be very tempting to eat when you will see the delicious potato chips, French Fries in front of you, but all those foods are powerhouse of saturated fats, cholesterol and carbohydrates which will quickly increase your weight and cholesterol levels. We understand that totally avoiding fried foods won’t be possible, so limit your intake of fried foods to once a week or few times in a month.



6) Include Dryfruits

Include dry fruits like cashews, almonds, walnuts, black kishmish, pistachios (pista) as your mid meal snacks instead of eating chips, burgers or any other fried foods/other snacks. Almonds and cashews are rich in proteins. Almonds contains vitamin-E which promotes healthy skin. Cashews contain magnesium which fights high blood pressure. Walnuts are rich in omega-3 necessary for healthy hairs. Pista are rich in anti-oxidants, vitamin-E and phosphorous, they prevent macular degeneration (Eye muscles become weak with age called as macular degeneration). 5-6 pieces of each dry-fruit is recommended in your daily diet.

7) Include Milk and Milk Products

All milk and milk products are good sources of calcium and vitamin D which promote healthy bones and teeth . They also contains Vitamin A, good for maintaining healthy eyes and good skin. Milk can be consumed as an mid meal snack  as it has complete nutrients that we require for daily nutrition like B12, carbohydrates, phosphorous, selenium, magnesium, protein and riboflavin. Studies have suggested that consumption of milk and dairy products helps reduce the risk for cardiovascular diseases, the risk of type 2 diabetes and help promote healthy blood pressure

8)  Light-Moderate Exercise

best-health-diet-food-tipsExercise and healthy fit body go hand in hand. so make it your routine to do light exercise daily. You can choose from the various light exercises routines like walking, cycling, swimming to stay fit and lose unwanted fats.
It is scientifically proven that the life of people who do light-moderate exercises every day are a-lot healthier than people who don’t, which ultimately increases the life span of people who do exercises daily. Looking out to lose weight, try these 9 easy Diet tips to Lose Weight Easily with healthy diet.
9) A good sleep of 8 hrs
We often work hard till late night, keep chatting for longs hours but give a miss to our sleep. Our body generates new cells to help recover the body of the fatigue that we go through during the day time. It stores the important day events in our permanent memory. Studies have suggested that good sleep promotes healthy skin, reduces your chances of getting heart attack and diabetes. so make sure to sleep for 8 hours daily.
Follow these simple best healthy diet foods tips for a healthy lifestyle to look beautiful, stay healthy and have a fit body.
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