Tourist Places To See In Matheran With 5 Sightseeing Points


Matheran is the world’s smallest hill station, situated at the height of around 800 meters in the beautiful green sahyadri hills. Matheran is 90 km from the Mumbai and lies in mid of the beautiful sahyadri hills in Maharashtra, India. Matheran is different hill Station in a good way compared to the other hill stations of the world in terms of weather, travel(Car free hill station), sight seeing and stay. Be with us till the end to know the best top places to see in Matheran, with 5 amazing sightseeing places.

The Best Thing About Matheran

The vehicles are not allowed here inside the matheran, you will feel like you have entered an altogether different beautiful world, as in today’s time you will hardly find a place where vehicles are not available and you are required to walk to reach for the restaurants and sight seeing points. No sound of the vehicles, no pollution and no traffic makes this hill station the “The calmest and most relaxing hill station in the world “. 

As the vehicles are not allowed here in matheran, so the primary way of going from one sightseeing point to other are horses or by walking. All the points are at walkable distance of 10 mins to 30 minutes.

Location Of Matheran

It is situated in the hills from its sides, in the middle of the dense forest. Considering the location there are many beautiful scenic view from many different sight seeing points. The location of the Matheran is easily accessible from the roads, by air or by railway.

Here are 5 Tourist Sightseeing Places To See In Matheran…

There are around 38 designated look-out points in Matheran, including the Panorama Point that provides a 360 degree view of the surrounding hilly area. Some of the best peaks and points in Matheran that offer the best views of the hill station are Panorama Point, King George Point, Louisa Point, Echo Point and the Charlotte Lake.

1) Echo point

Echo Point is one of the spots in the matheran hill station that offers a beautiful view of the surroundings. As its name suggest, Echo Point is well known for hearing echoes from the hills. If you say something loudly, then you will get to hear it back 3 times.

2) Valley crossing

Valley crossing can be done here at the sight seeing points and there are mainly 2 valley crossing options available. One with the 50 feet depth and the other one is with 250 feet depth. The valley crossing will give a great view of the adjacent hills and the deep valleys.

3) Charlotte Lake 


Charlotte Lake is situated among the small hills around 2 of its sides with a temple nearby. There is walking path near the lake, so you can enjoy the view of the lake and the beautiful valley view as well. This lake is the fresh water source for drinking in Matheran. During rainy season, you can enjoy standing, sitting or take a plunge under the slow overflowing water from the lake.

4) Panorama Point

matheran-hill-stationPanorama Point  offers the 360 degree view of the hill’s near by. All the 4 sides offers great photographic moments. If you have a camera that supports paranoma shots than do remember to take the best 360 degree photo in your camera having these beautiful hills by all its 4 sides.

5) Public garden with valley viewmatheran-hill-station

Matheran has one big garden right in the heart of the matheran hill station easily accessible from all the hotels and market place. It has a comfortable sitting area and the benches are arranged in a way for people to enjoy the valley and hill’s view with the smooth, calm and mesmerizing wind at the sitting place. There are many small fun rides specially put up here for kids.

Wildlife In Matheran

The Horse’s can be seen here in matheran every where and also the most commonly seen animal here is Monkey, you will spot 100’s of Monkey’s around. There is a wildlife century nearby which has many wild life species like the Jungle Cat, Barking Deer, Porcupine, Hare, the Indian Giant Squirrel and many more animals. Many snakes are found in this century, many different species of the birds are found here. The wildlife photographers can get great snaps here. Many species of birds can be spotted here, along with the migrating birds that can be spotted seasonally.

Recommended time to plan your vacation In Matheran

Best Time to visit would be summer which is from March onwards up to may end(For India) and if you are from other country, the following are the 3 different trip planning options you can try depending on your preference
1) If you like foggy weather-
Rainy season from June up to September have the most foggy times
2) If you like to soak under sun with the calm atmosphere, then –
Summer is the time for you which is between march up till may end.
3) If you want cool climate with sunny weather during the day time then winter is the time for you which starts from October up to February

Weather In Matheran

The weather is pleasant all year around.
In summers,the maximum temperature touches up to 27-28 degree Celsius and during night time the minimum temperature would be around 22 degrees.


In winters,the minimum temperatures reaches up to minimum of 10 degree Celsius and it is sunny during the day time with little or no fog, which gives this hill station the most pleasant weather even during the winter time’s.

The Rainy season starts here from June and goes up to September. The rainy times has the most unpredictable weather, as its the hilly region surrounded with mountains, the rains can be vary powerful at times. But if you like trekking the surely rainy season is the best time for you to visit Matheran, as you will witness foggy weather with many waterfall’s nearby.

How To Reach Matheran-

By Train
It best-places-to-see-in-matheran-sightseeing-points-of-interestis primarily situated near Mumbai, capital of Maharashtra state in India. So if you live vary far away like in states apart from Maharashtra then the closest railway station for you will be karjat (If this comes in your train route) or you can even get down at any other Mumbai railway stations handling Express trains traffic.

From Mumbai Railway stations you need to reach to Neral station via the ‘Local trains’ running in central railways in the Mumbai city and from Neral there are taxi’s available till the point called as ‘Dasturi Naka’ up till which vehicles are allowed or even you can enjoy going in a mini toy train to the hill top(shown in pic beside)

By flight
Nearest airport is Mumbai airport, after landing on the airport you can take or pre-book a cab up to the matheran entry point, which is about 1 n half km from the main station, and this is the last point up to which vehicles are allowed. so after this point you can take a horse up till the hill or you can just go trekking taking snaps while walking up hill.

Now that you know so much about this small wonderful car free hill station…

So do plan your next trip to this beautiful small Eco-friendly hill station and enjoy the closeness with the nature and wildlife, so do plan one soon if you have not been there to experience a slow calm relaxed life.
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