Amazon Prime -FREE Movies, TV Shows, Music, Books : Membership Review

Amazon Free Prime Membership Program Revealed : Review( Newly Launched For India in 2017)

Amazon Prime is a membership program launched in 2005 by Amazon, this features streaming of TV shows, unlimited Movies, unlimited Music (you can choose from over million of songs available for thee prime members), unlimited photo storage and get access to lac’s of kindle books for free. Stay tuned to find out more about the Amazon Prime program in this review with details about its free perks for its amazon prime members and find out what all are the perks, features,services and benefits you get with Amazon Prime Membership.

Find out what Amazon Prime is really worth with these 9 Best Perks and Features that come with Amazon Free Prime Membership trial


Amazon Prime Membership perk 1 : Watch Unlimited Amazon prime TV shows


With Amazon Prime you can watch unlimited Movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video. It’s always prime time for you, when your entertainment options include blockbuster hit popular TV shows.

You can watch thousands of episodes on your TV, laptop, Fire TV, smartphone or choice of more than 600 devices. You can take your carry your entertainment package with you, anywhere with your Kindle Fire. Every few months there are new TV show series being added into the Amazon prime and in the time period of just 3 months (Nov 2015 to Jan 2016) , 74 new shows were added.
So the entertainment never stops for you with the new fresh content added every month. Check Here to directly get the Prime Free TV shows benefit

Amazon Prime Membership perk 2 : Unlimited Amazon prime Movies and

Amazon prime members can enjoy 1000’s of blockbuster movies on Amazon Prime Movies. From the latest released movies to the old classic’s  you can enjoy all the movies for unlimited no. of times. You can stream and watch 1000’s of videos on Amazon prime video.Various video genres available from comedy, romantic, funny, philosophical and motivational.
You can check here for checking the 1000’s of different free video streaming options available on this link for amazon prime- Amazon Free Video and movies Streaming


Amazon Prime Membership perk 3 : Unlimited Amazon Prime Music Streaming with millions of songs
With Amazon prime membership your Songs Collection will get a Lot Bigger with Unlimited music streaming of over a million songs available on Amazon Prime.
Amazon prime keeps adding more new songs all the time as and when they are can load up your library with Prime Music, you can find more music from your favorite artists or even you can listen to the Amazon’s personalized recommendations about the new popular artist, new songs and new popular bands.
Prime music is already loaded with hundreds of music expert’s programmed Prime Playlists. You can decide to listen from playing any of the 100’s of Prime-Playlists  amazon have created for you based on different types of music and genre. You can find Playlists then play songs for what you’re doing right now or how you’re feeling.
With Amazon prime Music streaming, you can listen ad-free songs of over a million songs from top artists like Taylor Swift, Daft Punk, Blake Shelton, Katy Perry, The Rolling Stones, Bruno Mars, Lady Antebellum, Bruce Springsteen, Kanye West, Madonna and many more.
For your favorite music genre or the artist you love, Amazon have done the work for you by making the playlist based on the popularity, so you just need to pick up playlist, album, or any suggested song and enjoy the live unlimited music streaming with Amazon Prime.
Want to enjoy free music..!! Then this is the amazon prime music link for you to subscribe for free: link- Amazon prime Free Music


Amazon Prime Membership perk 4 : Get Amazon prime free kindle books, with over 8 millions books to choose from

Amazon Prime membership provides a collection beyond compare with any other service. Prime Kindle books includes over 800,000 free eBooks with Amazon Prime membership. The is the kindle Owner’s Lending Library, where over 800,000 books are ready to be checked out for the Amazon prime members, Fiction or non-fiction, New York Times best sellers or lost classics. Amazon prime member can get the 1000’s of books in their favorite genre. Borrow one book a month, with no due date.

Discover your next favorite book from the millions of the books available with Amazon Prime membership 

Amazon Prime Membership perk 5 : Amazon prime Photos (Unlimited photo
Storing) :

Amazon Prime Photos have no limits on space, you can share and store unlimited photo’s. You need to Save it once and you can see photos anywhere across many different device types ( TV, kindle fire or PC). Your sweet cherished memories are safe in Amazon Cloud Drive and accessible anywhere across the world. It’s like having a virtual album of every one of your photos that you can access at any time, no matter which device you use with Amazon Prime Photo.

Experience unlimited photo sharing from all around the world,
follow the link here- Amazon Prime Photo.

Amazon Prime Membership perk 6 : Free 2 Day Shipping

When you want it, when you need it, the Product will be shipped to you, with Amazon Prime members getting FREE Two-Day shipping with Amazon Prime membership. You need a good gift urgently, but can’t get out of the house?
So with FREE Two-Day Shipping from Amazon prime members, you will unlimited deliveries with no minimum order size, and with 20 million eligible items, the options are practically limitless. From big to small, home to office, A to Z and everywhere in between, satisfying that shopping itch or any other need’s is just two days away. Prime members also get FREE Same-Day Delivery on over a million items when shipping to selected metro areas across the US.

Amazon Prime Membership perk 7 : FREE Two-Hour Delivery with the Amazon Prime Now app

Its emergency and you want something urgently but you have better things to do than go to the store, so why not to skip the trip, avoid the big crowds, traffic and stand in queues for long times, Instead Shop easily at home comfort for thousands of items like bottled water, paper towels, diapers, pet supplies, electronics,  batteries, light bulbs, yoga mats, and even big screen TVs that would be shipped to your home in 2 hours.

Amazon Prime Membership perk 8 : Get Early Access to the best Deal’s with Amazon Prime

With Amazon Prime your can Shop for Amazon Lightning Deals. If you Consider yourself a tech enthusiast, the best-styled fashionista on the block, or just an everyday savvy shopper? Then Amazon prime give you access to the best deals, to what hot in the fashion market, you get 30-minute early access to Lightning Deals on Amazon, and shop for new events on 30 minutes before other customers can access these designer deals with Amazon Prime membership only . 

New Added perk 9 : Discounts on Games Cd’s

Recently a new perk have been added for Amazon Prime members, Prime members get 10-20% additional discount compared to the normal rates for games CD ( Xbox, PC, PS4 and PS3)


How to know what all products provide Prime Advantage?

prime-tick-for-Amazon-prime-membershipLook for this tick near the products for finding Amazon prime products eligibility

Prime eligible items, videos, and Kindle books are clearly marked. Just look for the Prime logo when you shop.


Still thinking whether to sign up or not?

Its Free anyways..Go ahead and reap the free benefits for 30 days for US-UK Subscription Link- Amazon 30 Days Free Trial .

 Amazon Prime is now newly launched in India –

So Take the maximum benefit of this, follow this link to register for Free – Amazon Prime In India


You can also get 6 months free subscription for amazon prime…Thinking how? The answer is ‘Amazon Student’ Program.

If you are an student, then Amazon gives 6 months free subscription  trial for Amazon membership, so take the most of the free perks and benefit and join Amazon Student if you are an student, Amazon Student.

What will Amazon Prime Cost after Subscription 30 days free trial ends?

Depends upon your choice, if you like the features of amazon prime then you can get subscription for 1 year which cost for 99$ for 1 year, else you can cancel it as well after 1 month Free trial. For students the Amazon prime subscription cost comes with 50% discount with price of 49$ a year after 6 months free trial.

Want to gift Amazon Prime to your special closed One’s?

You can gift Amazon Prime to your close one’s, Follow this link to gift Amazon prime- Amazon Prime Gift

Do try the FREE Amazon Prime Membership trial if you like to try something
different Media Experience for free.
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