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There are some top common interview questions that are asked very often in general, in most of the interviews, so its best that you get prepared in advance with the best answers. These common questions will be asked mostly during the HR round as HR’s grill the candidates as much as they can, to know whether candidates being interviewed would be perfect candidate for their company or not.So here are the top 10 most commonly asked possible Job Interview Questions and with best answers, for helping you prepare and succeed for the job Interview.

Top 10 most common possible interview questions and best answers:–

1) Tell me something about yourself ?

This is mostly the 1st question asked by the interviewer’s commonly.

ANS. We will tell you steps to answer this question in a really systematic and easy manner, you have to frame your answer accordingly.
Remember this question is not about you in personal manner, it means that you should tell them everything that is necessary for company to know about you professionally.
Here goes the sequence-
a. You have to start by your name, then tell them about all your key education percentages with college name, tell them the percentage of the latest exam that you have cleared.(If you are experienced, tell them about the previous job position skills you handled with your responsibilities)
b. Explain in short what are your best skills that you got from your education(If you are fresher).
(Example with 1 scenario for Fresher : Consider you have came for sales job interview- You have to tell them the sales skills that your learn in your education and the sales skills that you have learnt by doing your projects in academics).
If you are experienced then you should mentioned about the previous companies you have worked for with the years of experience and the job responsibilities you handled in short.
c. Tell them about the interest that you have in doing the job with telling interviewer about, how your skills are perfect for the job.
d. Lastly, mention about your achievements supporting the required job skills with the key strengths that you possess.

2) What are your salary expectations?

This is quite a tricky question, if not answered as per interviewer’s expectation, you can lose the job even though you would be perfect for the job.

How to answer : There are many key points to research before answering this question-
a) Research about the company salary range in advance online on many sites, you can get salary range information on job sites like glassdoor. As you would be having the idea about the payscale the company would be providing, so give your answer in that range.
b) Also if your salary expectation is higher than than offered salary range, then it can be risky to tell the recruiter that you are expecting higher payscale, as after knowing your aspirations of salary you can get rejected. 
c) Another simple safe answer to give when you don’t know about the company salary range is, “My salary expectations are as per company norms”. This is really the best answer to give in case if you don’t know about the salary structure of the company.

3) Can you work overtime, if their is some important pending work? 

The recruiter will not probably actually make you work longer that specified hours, they are just testing your will and commitment towards your work.
So reply them that, “Sure sir/ma’am, If their is some really important work that needs to be done on urgent priority, then surely I would sit little extra to complete it”.

4) What are your strength?

This simple question is not actually a simple question, its quite tricky. You need to be really specific while answering this question, as your answer should only mention the strengths only related to the required job profile skills.

sample answer for strengths(any IT job interview)-

Strengths would include- good programming skills, good technical understanding, fast learner and quick code error debugging skill.

5) What are your weakness?

The best way to answer about weakness is to not answer with any of your weakness. The idle answer should be that “personally I may have some weakness but professionally for doing the assigned work, I don’t have any weakness as such” and then you can reply them with some safe answers for personal weakness : 
1) ‘ I’m little shy to mix easily with new people’
2) ‘I want to improve my communication skills to be a presentation pro’
3) ‘I tend to keep working for really long hours if the work is not completed, which can affect my long term health, so that becomes weakness for me health wise’ 

After telling them about the weakness-

So now that you told them about your weakness the next statement should be to tell them that you are working in the direction to over come your weakness. As, we all have some or the other weakness, but the person who can identify his weakness and overcome its weakness, can be a good choice for getting selected in interview by recruiter.


6) Why you want to work for us(Company)?

This question requires you to have full information about the company. You can read about the company profile on ‘Glassdoor’ before the interview.  Also you need to go through the latest news about the company from their main website, you should know about the leadership of the company, as many times the interviewer would expect you to know about the company’s leadership and the important future agenda of the company. ANS– You have to start answering like this, ” The xyz(Company you are giving interview in) company is working into ‘abc fields(eg-marketing, sales or IT)’, so I see a great career opportunity for me to work for xyz company, also the job profile being offered is of a great interest to me for pursuing my career ahead”.


7) Are you ready for relocation?

Multi National Companies are located in many geographic regions of the world, so this question will definitely come in interview’s of MNC companies. This is actually an straight forward question and we suggest that you should not manipulate your answer for this question.

a) Scenario 1: If you are ready for relocation, then tell interviewer that, ‘yes sir/ma’am, I would be ready for relocation for Project work’
b) Scenario 2: If you are not ready for relocation, but still you really want the job-
Tell the interviewer that, “I would really appreciate if the company considers me for my preferred location, but i would relocate if work requirements come’
c) Scenario 3: If you are not ready for relocation and you can give up the job opportunity also- Then tell interviewer that, “I would really appreciate if the company consider’s me for my preferred location”

8)How long do you plan to stay with us?

The obvious answer to this question would be that you would stay in the company for long time, and tell them that you see yourself growing to higher career levels ahead in the next few years in the company you have came interview for.Even if you would want to leave the company in next 1-2 years, never mention about that in the interview. Just sincerely answer that you have planned to stay in company for many years ahead.


9) Do you have any questions from your side for us?

Most of the times the interviewer will extend gratitude towards you by asking if you have some question for the company. This moment can sometimes be a make or break situation for you. So if you replied to interviewer that you don’t have questions, it implies to the interviewer that you are not very much interested in the job, so other candidates will have an edge over you for getting selected if they had put forth good questions. ANS- It is best that you get prepared with 1-2 questions that you would want to know, it can be question regarding the ‘career growth’ or ‘career opportunities in the company in next 2-3 year’, Job profile or company work culture. If you bang with the right question it can be a positive point for you, thus giving you more chances of getting selected over other candidates. Make sure to ask positive questions only about ‘career growth’, ‘required expectations of skills by company for this job position’.


10) Why you left your earlier job? (For Experienced only)

This is really common question and is always asked from experienced candidates. This question is again requires you to be prepared for it in advance.
ANS- Start answering by mentioning the good work that you did in the last organisation(or organisation that you are about to leave) then mention about your career aspirations and tell them that now you are looking for better career opportunities with better pay. Tell then that you think that the company you are sitting for interview would provide for better career opportunities than your current/ previous company.

So this way the interviewer would be sure that you have done great work in your last company and now you want to explore newer opportunities for better career growth ahead. 

Lastly, this is not interview question or answer tip, but this tip will help you secure good job as a fresher in India.
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