How To Raise Your Child For Success – 10 Teachings & Values For Kids/Teenagers


As a parent you might be wondering at times on, “How To Raise Your Child For Success”. We as a parent try our best by putting your children in the best school/colleges and give them the best luxurious to study nicely. So that one day your child can stand on its own and become a known name in any field of career.

But do these aspect play role in how your child shapes up as an adult ? Yes and No. Confused ? let dive in bit deeper because there are many important points that will play important role.

How To Raise Your Child For Success

There are some teachings that you might or might not have thought to give to your kids as they grow towards teenage, these teaching to your kids make your child think smartly in their lives ahead and make them future ready as well.

Stay tuned to know 10 teaching’s to give to your kids that you previously may have not thought of giving them before and with these teaching you can raise up your child in a way that your child is imparted with good values, so that they become successful & good human being in their lives ahead.


1) Why time management is really necessary for Kids to succeed in life


The kids wake up go to the school, go for tuitions, eat, socialize, study, play, sleep and repeat. With modern time the schedules are too hectic. So with this type of schedule it is really important for you as a parent to teach them to have time management for every task they do in the day.

Time management is the building block for raising a child for success. Explain them the importance of time management and how with good time management they can plan to do all the things they have planned for the day properly. You can plan for their time table for weekends as well, when they can play more and study more for the whole day.

This good habit of time management will also be helpful to them always for the rest of their life.

2) Share with your kids the way you earn money in this tough world 

You work so hard on all the weekdays to give your family a good happy life, so it is necessary for your kids to know about how much effort you take from Monday to Friday by working so hard to get the paycheck at the end of the month.

If you are a business owner then share with them your routine of the day, so that they understand how much efforts you take for making sure your family stays happy always.

This way you can make you kids realize that earning money is no easy in today’s time and so they might not ask for the bigger luxurious which can inch your pocket too much like games Cd’s, weekends expensive holidays or buying unnecessary stuff from your hard earned money.

Money always plays an important role in our lives and it will also play a role in life of kids as they grow up leading to a smart individual who knows managing his/her finances.

3) Make your kids sharper – Share with them the Tax System of your country

Hardly we take out the topic of tax in front of our children as we think that they will not understand the tax system or we think that they are too small for now to know about the tax system.

We suggest that you should not bother about the age and take out the tax topics in front of your kids to let them know about the taxes you pay to the government. Also you need to tell them how different beneficiary schemes by govt for saving money can help you reimburse your hard earned money, so by seeing this they will slowly get the habit of saving more and more.

Moreover kids will realize how the flow is money takes place from people to government and how the government utilizes that money for the growth of the country.

4) Make Your Kids Intellectual- Teach them to think about what they wanna become in life.

Its never too early to think about what you wanna become in life. There are many entrepreneurs who have started their own business being as young as 16.

This is not a single day process that you will tell your kids to think about what they wanna become in their life. This is a continuous process where you would also have to be a guide and mentor for your child to give them understanding and to make them know about the real world, so that they can start the process from early age to become a big successful personality of tomorrow.

5) Its time to care about our ‘Mother Earth’

how to raise your child-for-success-Protect-Environment

The pollution levels are increasing, the amount of the carbon-dioxide is more than it ever was on our planet before.

The carbon-dioxide and the other green house gases are responsible for global warming. So in future times the younger generation needs to take care and protect our environment with planting more trees and taking care of our planet by pollution less.

You need to explain them how much our mother earth gives and and in return its our responsibility to give the care and protection it deserves. 


6) Tell them the harsh reality of Addictive Drugs

Children often try new alcohol drinks, try their hand at smoking and the worst of all try drugs at a very young age in some scenarios to appear cooler in their friend circle, but before they take such steps you need to educate your kids about the good and the bad.

You need to educate them that there are many drugs in market which are addictive and the consequences of those drugs is worse than we can even imagine.

According to many research’s, the children now a day’s try lots of new stuff to appear cooler, so it’s only your teaching that can stop them from taking any drastic steps ahead in their future. 

7) How can they handle all situations with positive attitude


In certain aspects, Parents need to act like friends to their kids, so that their kids can easily talk about their problems.

If you will be a tough parent in all situations, chances are your kid will always try to manage everything on his/her own.

Life is big and problems would be many as life goes ahead, so you need to make your kid ready for the toughest times and that only can happen when you implant a positive attitude in them to lead a good humble life.

A parent needs to explain kids that no matter what is the problem, there is always a solution. With positive attitude you ‘Always Can Do It’.

The best positive attitude books to read are ‘Monk who sold His Ferrari‘ or ‘Happiness Everyday‘.
You can find out 100’s of more inspiring books here on (Global)

8) They are born for specific purpose to fulfill in this world


As the children get older(mostly during teenage time), you as a parent needs to slowly put inside your child’s mind that he is precious and has a specific purpose to fulfill, through his life years to come ahead .

This will make him/her wonder to become someone big in life and he/she will push harder in years to come to become some good personality to fulfill his purpose.

As a parent this will make you feel proud at time when he actually transforms into a good responsible adult. 

9) Productivity Killers – How addiction to social media sites (Facebook/ Twitter/ Whatsapp) is taking away their(kids) productive time

According to so many survey’s around the world, one common complain most of the parents have is that their children spend long hours on the social networking sites.

Parents need to softly make them realize that spending lots of time is taking away their productive time, instead parents can shift their focus from social networking sites by taking them on holidays, by actively getting involved in the activities he/she does at school and also in a friendly way parents needs to tell the kids that they are not allowed to stay online for not more than half an hour around or else you can decide the time limit.

10) Teaching kids about saving money right from the early age.


By now you would be in your 30’s or 40’s, so you truly understand the importance of saving money. so, it is very important for you to educate your kid about saving money right from the childhood, so as adult’s they will never run out of money.

We would suggest one simple friendly way to teach your kids about ‘Saving Money’: Consider that your kid wants you to buy him/her a new bicycle or some game or doll or some other thing. So as a parent you can tell them that he gets some pocket money daily, so if he saves everyday from his pocket money he can buy that thing that he/she wants in next 5-6 months from his own saving.

Moreover you can tell them that if their savings are not enough to buy any particular thing they want to have, then you will also pitch in some money. This way your kid slowly will realize the importance of money and what money can buy, so their spending habits will change for the better and this lesson that they would learn from you will be helpful to your kids for the rest of their lives.


So now that u know so much about,  ‘How to raise a child for success’… so take the leap, to make your kid future ready for building a successful fortune !!

You may not start all 10 suggestions at a same time and tell you kids at one shot to follow them, you need to include them slowly and slowly in your daily routine talking and make your children future ready. So bookmark this article if really feel this provide true value for you and refer it timely to teach all 10 teachings step by step to your kids.

Concluding Words…

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