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You may be young, middle aged, older than 50 and you would have observed that being relatively younger that other men, you are still losing hairs faster than some men older than you. You can see a men who is 50 years around with all its hairs intact while you are just in your 20’s or 30’s and you have already lost more hairs than that some 50 year’s old. So the point is that losing hairs has no connection with the age, it is been driven by various other factors. Here, We will reveal science behind the loss of hairs in men based on several studies and researches. 

The science behind the hairs will help you understand why some men lose hairs while others don’t. There are many factors associated with the hair loss in Men. We I will mention about all the aspects in detail ahead from the most easily curable towards the most common reasons for hair loss in men which are difficult to cure, so stay tuned to get to know the top 5 reasons why Men Lose Hairs.


5) Unhealthy Eating Habits

Many men usually get the problem of hair fall when the are on unhealthy diet on regular basis. If your daily diet does not contain good amount of proteins, zinc, iron, b-vitamins or vitamin-E, then your hairs will lack the essential nutrients for maintaining healthy hairs growth and you will have excessive hair fall over a period of time. 

You can easily cure this problem by following a healthier diet, Read here to know, 8 healthy foods for Strong healthy Shiny hairs.


4) Excessive Dandruff

We never consider dandruff as a reason for hair fall, but dandruff is also related with hair fall. The dandruff sits at the scalp blocking the growth of the new hairs, the dandruff will also cause your existing hairs to lose their strength and make them fall. If you are not taking care of dandruff, this excessive dandruff will eventually make your hair fall more and more worse with time, so you need to use the best anti dandruff shampoo to stop dandruff from affecting your hairs strength.

3) Handling Too Much Stress

You drink lots of tea/ Coffee throughout the day to keep yourself away from the headache and keep yourself energized !! Or You keep on working for long hours at a stretch, but what you never realized while working for longs hours that, after all its human body, it will also feel the pressure of the long working hours which ultimately affects your overall health including hairs.
Lots of research and studies have been to linked to hair fall in men. Excessive stress will lead to fluctuation of hormonal levels inside the human body, which in turn affects hair health as well. So avoid working for too long and keeping relaxing for a while after 2-3 hours of work.

2) Its All In The Genes

The primary factor for you losing your hairs as the faster pace is ‘Genes’. The genes come from your Parents to you and that becomes the driving force for your body behavior. So if you see that your Grandpa, your father have lost their hairs at an early age then its a dangerous sign for you too that you will also have scanty hair density like your father grandpa is having as you will age ahead. As the Genes are inherited from your parents, this process in which genes act on the body is very difficult to alter.

1) DHT ( The Reason for 90% of Men to lose their Hairs ) 

DHT stands for Di- Hydro-testosterone. Our body releases hormones for proper functioning and Testosterone hormone is one of the important male hormone released inside male body. This Testosterone hormone has no side effects on hairs in normal state, but due to certain changes inside the body or because of certain dietary habits this hormone gets converted into Di-Hydro-Testosterone (DHT). DHT goes and sits on the roots of the hairs, which there by stops the flow of the important and necessary nutrients to the hairs, thus affecting the hairs health.


As the DHT sits on roots, hairs get slowly cut down from the nutrients from theblood stream which slowly and gradually makes the hairs lose its shine, luster, thickness and strength. Some studies have linked excess DHT production to the prostrate cancer also. The DHT stands in between the blood stream and the hair roots, which blocks the entire nutrients from the blood stream and makes your hairs weak.


Now that you know why you are probably losing hairs. So next question arises in mind is that, Can You control hair loss ?

Now that you know that you are suffering from one of these 5 most common causes of hair fall, the concern that comes up in mind is that, can we prevent DHT/Genes from acting on the hair roots? So the answer to the above question is Yes,but in some cases it would be difficult to totally stop your hair loss. In some cases we can prevent the action of the DHT, while in some cases the hormone’s are quiet powerful to take over your hair health like in. 


So How To Improve Your Hair Health?


reasons-why-men-lose-hairsUnderstanding the science behind the hair fall is  important, but understanding how can you improve you overall hair health is more important. So, the way to prevent your hairs from getting further damaged or slow down your hair loss from the effect of the stress/DHT/Genes is to follow a healthier diet routine and avoid some habits that are accelerating your hair fall.

Here are few easy tips to get better hair health and slow down hair loss 8 health Tips For Healthier Hairs   and here are few habits that contribute to hair loss, which you to stop right away, 6 Habits are speeding up your hairloss .


Only for Men experiencing too much hair-fall, they can try to include the hair serum specially meant to block DHT and promote hair growth, check out Hair Serum For Men on Amazon(International)

For India, Here is the link to get the best hair serums for healthier stronger hairs for Men, 

Now that you know the Science about the hair loss and top 5 reasons for hair loss, so stop taking stress about losing it and instead get on to a journey towards healthier stronger hairs.


Do share your ideas, thoughts, comments on how this article helped you to understand the science behind the hair fall and will help you to get healthier hairs.


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