8 Easy Signs To Know If He (Your Man) Truly Loves You


” There is a boy who says that he loves you, but does he really mean it? “. He did a grand proposal in a very romantic way to make you his girlfriend/Wife, he said that you are the only girl for him and expressed his love for you some day, but is his love for real or he is just playing the trick’s to win you over?

The guys know that telling a girl the 3 magic words “I love you” will start making the girl think about them and the girl will then start falling for the boy as well. The usual trick used by guys is to be friendly with the girl and say the magic words to make a girl fall for you, but how to find out if your guy actually means his love or not???

So here in our Love Guide you can find out if your guy actually loves you and really means his words by these 8 signs to make you sure that your guy truly loves you.


1) He wants to meet you

Its weekend’s and a great movie have hit the box office, so if your guy loves you truly he will definitely want to spend a good alone fun time with you. He would be really busy in his schedule, but still he takes time out to talk at least 15-20 mins in person with you. During weekdays also , he often misses you and tries to take out time and plan’s to meet you for even a little time.


2) The 1st Good morning and last Good night

Every new day you get the 1st call of the day or the message ping from him as the sweet Good Morning greeting’s. As the tough day passes by, he gently wishes you with the cute good night greeting over a call. The gesture to greet you 1st in morning and last at night is simple but explains a lot. It signifies that you are the most important person to him than any one else. Its signifies that you are the 1st person he remembers in morning and the last person he remembers at night.

3) He knows Your Favourite Things

As the boy says that he loves you, so if he really means it what ever things you like he gets familiar with the small things you like and cherish. He knows our favourite chocolate, your favourite colour, your favourite dream Holiday destinations, your dream career goals etc. The favourite thing can be as small as a her favourite dress to the as huge as an international holiday destination, the small or huge does not matter for the favourite things, your guy remembers what you really like and your most favourite things, which shows that he really care’s about your wishes and once in a while he would plan a surprise for you by taking you to a surprise date and would then order your favourite dish.

4) You Get His Undivided Attention When you Are With Him

You and your guy are out, spending time with each other and your guy will treat you like you are the only girl around. He does not see people around and talks with a stunning look while looking deep into your eyes. In case, if a guy who pretends his love for you, giving you an undivided look will not come naturally to him, your Boy/Men would tend to see around for other girls and once in a while you can see him checking out other girls as well. It is not only limited to checking other girls out, your guys can also talk more often to more of his friends while you guys are around with a group, for the guy who is actually in love with you. his girl tends to appear brighter to him than the rest of the world and his girl will get the beautiful stare from him many times when they are together.

5) He is never busy for you

He may be working in big company, would have large responsibilities towards running his house properly but some how he always takes out time for you. He is never busy for you, you like a film star and his movie have hit the cinemas and he knows about it and plans for a movie date well in advance keeping his work and other responsibilities aside. The only reason he plans out time for you in is busy schedule is that he really would want to spend lots of his time with you, as the time he spends with you is most special time for him.


6) 7 days without meeting you make’s him a “weak”

At time’s when you mention about going away for few days or months, he gets a little sad because a guy in love would never want to spend so much time being away from you. If you need to travel for business trips or if you are going to some other place without him for many days, your guy would not like it vary well. The sign that he is missing you too much when you are away is that he would say vary often that he misses you too much day and night. He is vary excited and eager, as the returning day comes closer and closer because he knows that soon he would get to meet and see you back soon, while the guy who is just pretending would not mind much if you are away from him for longer times.

7) He takes care about your small little things

There are many small things that will only be visible to girl if he is truly in love with her out of them their are many small things that really prove his love for you.You are allergic to some kind of foods, he would keep that foods away from you. 


8) Your 1 big smile on outside makes him happy from inside

When you are with him , his only reward is the big smile on your face because of him, so if you put out a big smile for some of his comment of humour lines, you can also observe that he too gets happy by seeing you happy with a big beautiful smile on your face. He would often do many things to make you smile and laugh, as some how your smile of outside is giving him happiness from inside.


Boy’s Love if pure would be clearly felt by you when you meet him or talk to him and you would feel that your boy does shows most of the loves signs we have mentioned, But there would be times when you wont be able to get his intentions and would be confused then in that case, make sure to use our 8 tips to find out if he loves you.

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