6 Habits That Men/Women Should Avoid To Reduce HairFall

You have observed that you are losing hairs faster than usual. You have observed to lose more than 100 hair strands a day. You don’t want to lose hairs , but you have tried oiling with good hair products but nothing has helped you in stopping the hair fall. You still cant figure out why you keep losing more and more hairs, the reason that you are losing hairs is for the reasons being that you have adapted some habits that you need to avoid. So here are the habits that your may have incorporated in your but you need to avoid them now for getting back healthy hairs.

1) Quit smoking

90% of the men lose their hairs because of the DHT which sticks to your hair roots and weaken your hairs (This is the process in our body that converts Testosterone to Di- hydra-Testosterone ie. DHT). So smoking Accelerates the process of this conversion which inturn will accelerate the hairfall process and in a year or two you will be bald.

2) Don’t stand in harsh sun for too long

Sun takes away the moisture from our hairs make them and and brittle, these types of hairs breaks down easily and look lifeless.So next time you know that you would be out in sun for long time than cover your head with good cap. 

3) Don’t shampoo your hairs without oiling

Oiling provides the hairs with the required moisture and nutrients required by hairs for having luster, strength and shine in the hairs.  Shampoo will wash away the dirt and the necessary moisture from your hairs. So always make it a point to oil your hairs night before shampooing your hairs, also oiling is grat for your hairs It will improve overall health of the hairs. 

4) Don’t brush your hairs harshly  with towel while making them dry

Your hairs are already weak, so you need to be extra careful while drying them up. While, you are your your towel harshly and rigorously to dry the hairs weaking the roots further with the pressure of brushing. so the next time you dry your hairs be gentle with them and if you have time let them dry naturally. 

5) Don’t use comb with least spacing

After bathing you comb your hairs, but you need to be careful with the comb that you are using . Having narrow spacing in the comb will make the hair struck in the comb and your hairs will come out while you are combing. So make sure to use comb with bigger spacing which puts less strain on your hairs while you comb them. 

6) Avoid unhealthy and fried foods

There are some foods  that will accelerate the conversion of the normal Testosterone to Di- hydra-Testosterone ie. DHT, you need to make sure that you avoid eating that foods. The foods which are fried will spike your cholesterol levels and increase the conversion process to DHT. This DHT will in turn increase your hair fall.
Avoiding these habits will slow down your hair fall for sure, so avoid these habits and experience healthy hairs.Also for Men and Women experiencing too much hairfalls, they can try to include the hair serum specially meant to block DHT(reason for men losing hairs) and promote hair growth, check out Hair Serum For Men and Women on Amazon

Do post your comments, experiences about hair loss & its prevention, we would love to hear from you all.

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