Best Top 8 ‘Made In India’ Headphones For Rs 1000 to 2000 Budget (2023)

With growing demand for Made In India electronics, we too being Indian believe in growth of India and progress of its people. For this reason, we have came up with best Made In India headphones under rs 1000 to maximum of 2000 rupees

The markets and online stores are filled with 100’s of headphones from companies all around the world, so with these too many options to buy, it is quite a challenge to buy that one headphone which would be just perfect for your music needs and also is ‘Made in India’..!!

StunningAlways have formulated a list of top 8 best ‘Made in India’ headphones under rs 1000 to 2000.

Our list is sorted out of 100’s of Earphones out there to help you make buy the best budget headphones with sporty looks, good build quality and manufactured locally in India.

The Top 8 Headphones list have been formulated on analyzing the user reviews on Amazon, brand value, headphones sound output, bass effect and budget consideration around Rs.1000 up to 2000.


1) Boat Basshead 900 on-ear Wired headphones with Mic for Rs. 700 (All prices vary on site based on offers)

Boat-made-in-india-headphones-Under-rs-1000-budgetBoat is an indian brand started in 2015 and it became popular in mid 2017 onwards. This is the entry level Headphone from Boat with decent music output and Mic.

These headphones are ultra light weight, compact, yet powerful enough to deliver clear powerful sound. The Frequency response range is 18–20,000 Hz, which is a big sound frequency response range for this price budget standpoint.

The sound sensitivity is 108 DB. The Speaker diameter is 40 mm, which has a Bass beat vents, that allows air movement for better sound with a deep, rich bass.
The speaker is covered with soft cloth, which would be comfortable when user wears it for long time by avoiding any heating of ears. 
Get this Stylist yet budget friendly Boat Headphone that supports good music needs for PC and Mobile:




2) Boat BassHead 950 Stereo On-Ear Headphone  for Rs.1300Boat-made-in-india-headphones-Under-rs-1000-budgetThis headphone from brand Boat is best if crystal clear sound and amazing bass quality is your preference. The headphone offers a perfect combination of brand value and reasonable pricing with superb sound frequency response.

The Response range is from 20 to 22,000 Hz, which is best in class for this budget range headphones.The sound driver is 40 mm, which is very powerful in delivering sound output.
The headphones are designed with Swivel folding design which makes it easy for you to carry while travelling. Go for this headphone if you are looking a perfect combination of style, brand, value and sound output.

Buy this amazing stylish branded Boat Headphone with high frequency range, for all your music needs on phone, laptop / computer:


3) Portronics  Wireless Bluetooth Headphones With Mic For Rs.1150


Portronics are Indian company making all electronics since 2010. Since last few years, they have grown and have created good quality products.

These Muffs headphones from Portronics is nicely built circum-aural closed over the ear Headset. It is one of the most affordable headphone in our list, and comes with 2 more additional features compared to other headphones, it has mic and volume control.

The headphone comes with 40 mm headphone speaker driver and a frequency range of up-to 20,000 Hz. The headphone is best for user that needs to listen music and talk over through mic as well via attaching headphones to your mobile or computer.

Buy & watch lots of movies & listen to music on Phone & laptop with this Powerful Portronics Headphones :


4) Boat rockerz 400 Wireless Bluetooth plus Wired connection Headphones For Rs. 1500Boat-made-in-india-headphones-Under-rs-2000-budget
Boat provides awesome Music listening experience with a classy style factor.
It delivers  maximum comfort with PU leather ear cups. It has been built with smart lightweight design, which is easily adjustable and portable.

Its comes with outside noise cancellation mic for superior noise free audio quality while calls. It provides music backup for uptill 8 hours and standby time of upto 100 hours.

It comes with both wireless bluetooth and if battery ends, you can easily switch to wired option.

Features Summary
    • Good Bass
    • Frequency range response up to 22,000 Hz
    • Speakers of headphones are foldable and adjustable
    • 40 mm audio driver

Buy & listen Music on this Most Powerful Frequency Response Boat Rockerz Headphones:


5) Portronics Muffs Plus Bluetooth 5.0 Plus Wired Headphones for around Rs. 1200Portronics-made-in-india-headphones-Under-rs-2000-budgetPortronics Muffs Plus headphones are super stylish with a curvy round design that would hook comfortably on your ears.

Its ultra light weight, compact, yet it is powerful enough to deliver clear powerful sound with its 40 mm sound driver.The frequency response is 18 to 22,000 Hz, which is good sound frequency output range.
The speaker comes covered with soft cushion, which would be comfortable when user wears it for long time by avoiding any heating of ears.
This Headphones are ideal for wearing long hours during workouts and other sport activities, ideally playback support lasts up-to 10 hours.
Get this Sporty Portronics Headphones and be playful while long day outs and workout regimes:


6) Boats Rockerz 450 Bluetooth Headphones with wired Aux option & Voice control for Rs. 1500

Boat-made-in-india-headphones-Under-rs-2000-budgetThis Boat Headphones is comes with advanced set of features with relatively lower price for its premium features. It is able to cancel some outside noise, as its design is over the ear design.

The frequency range is also best in this segment from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz and gives a battery back up of upto 8 hours.

Go for this headphone if you want powerful music with one added premium features of voice control.

Get the stylish headphone that fulfills your music needs with noise cancellation and voice control:

7) Boats Rockerz 510 Bluetooth Headphones with Thumping Bass &Voice control features for Rs. 1900

Boats Rockerz 510 headphones are undoubtedly the most classiest headphones that literally packs a punch in terms of features, looks and music output. It supports bluetooth 5.0 and gives a backup of 10 hours of non-stop music output.

It comes with best in class noise cancellation microphone and adjustable headband. The headphone is trendy in appearance and would be a comfortable fit over the head, as  it comes with head cushion for extra comfort.

It comes with ALEXA voice control features, so all you need is to give a voice command and it headphones plays all the world’s music you want.

The Headphones are light-weighted, easy to carry and stylish. The frequency response is the best in price range of under 2000 budget, the feel of the headphones is premium.

Get this super stylish Boat Rockerz 510 Headphone and showcase your new stylish attitude to all-


8) Boats Rockerz 600 Bluetooth Headphones (With Massive 20 Hours backup time ) for Rs. 2000


This super stylish bluetooth headphones are the MOST PREMIUM Headphones for budget of rupees 2,000. Its design is the most comfortable, its generates HD sound output from lowest range of 20 Hz to up to 20,000 Hz frequency.

The headset are comfortable with cushions fitted and leather covered over headphones for comfort to your ears.

The sound reproduced is best in class as the headset is big, that minimizes outside world noise and thus has amazing noise cancellation. The headphones comes with Dual play options of using via Bluetooth or if battery is over then by Mic.

Buy this most Premium Boat Headphones for budget of around 2000 rupees, make them yours from link below:

Interested to know about the best MADE IN INDIA Earphones for under RS 500 budget..!!

We hope that each one out their finds the good headphones to buy for themselves, since we have taken care of all budget needs, right from entry level to premium category headphones, while keeping them strictly MADE IN INDIA.

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Comment down your queries for above headphones in comment box below, we would revert back at earliest. Also, share with us any other Made in india Headphones brand that we missed in this article, we will be glad to include in our list.


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