Top 8 Best Branded ‘Made In India’ Earphones For Under 500 Rs Budget(2023)

There are many good in-ear earphones available in our Indian market that are Made In India Earphones under 500 rupees. But, we need to choose and buy that only one earphone which is perfect for our music experience and budget. We have analyzed and chosen the best cheap earphones that have been Made In India or by Indian Startups for under 500 rs available on the online shopping sites with the good price that offers good sound frequency range of at least minimum of 20 to 20,000 Hz with good bass effect. 

Why to buy MADE-IN-INDIA earphones for Indians?

To promote our country’s Startups, help locals get jobs and thus this helps our country’s economy and this also helps reduce our dependence on imported products for electronics from china and makes our country Self Reliant.

1) Boat BassHeads 225 with Mic Special Edition Earphones for Rs 500Best-top-made-in-india-earphones-under-below-rs-500

Boat is a brand started in year 2015 in India, this brand gained a lot of popularity in 2nd half of 2017 for powerful sound with good bass. Earphones are aesthetically designed to fit perfectly in your ear canal. It provides you a secure and comfortable fit. This earphones also deliver isolating sound experience by keeping unwanted noise out and sealing your music in. It enables you to enjoy exciting sound on a 10 mm driver with the added advantage of preserving healthy hearing.

a) Comfortable fit, suitable for long time use
b) Good noise isolation, hearing protection.
c) Good balance, Precise reproduce
d) Sensitivity 3 dB at 1 KHz/mW
e) Compatible with iPod/iPhone and other portable MP3 player devices.
f) Unadulterated tone, treble oriented and clear
g) Frequency range 20 to 20000 Hz
h) Super Bass
Get this branded earphones with superb sound frequency range and powerful bass:

2) Evidson BassFlow X93 Earphones with Built-in Mic for Rs. 350


Evidson is Indian manufacturing company with specialization in high-end Music product designing. This in-ear headphone fits in ears snugly and is designed for long usage periods. The small, but powerful, audio driver produces a clear and crisp sound. The 4 foot cord includes an in-line microphone and has button for accessing call functions, volume & play next song. The earphones are Universally compatible with every audio device, tablet and smartphone. With good music it looks are also stylish. This overall appeal of these Evidson earphones makes it a must have for music lovers looking to have an good budget earphones.


a) Maximum Power Input-19 MW
b) Noise Cancellation-Yes
c) Sensitivity-110 dB MW (Power On)
d) Impedance-32 ohm (Power On)
e) Headphone Driver Units-10 mm
f) Driver Type-Dynamic
g) Deep Bass-Yes
h) Frequency Response- 13 to 20000 Hz

Get these Evidson earphones with built in mic and best in class frequency response for all music needs:

3) Evidson Vibe In-Ear Headphone for Rs.499


If you are Looking for a branded funky looking earphones in low budget, then this earphones are good buy for you.This Evidson headset is highly portable, it enables you to w
ear and carry it with ease.

a) Brand: Evidson

b) Type: Wired in-the-ear headphones

c) Magnet Type: Neodymium

d) Frequency Response Range: 20 to 20,000 Hz

e) Impedance: 16 ohms

f) Sonic Technologies: Noise isolation, noise cancellation

g) Stereophonic Sound

i) cable Length: 1.3 meters

Get this skull-candy earphones at best price from your favourite online store:


4) Portronics with Mic for Rs. 299


Portronics is another Made in India earphone brand. These stylish Portronics earphones are one of the best earphones to have in this budget for under rupees 500. It has an 10 mm speaker driver delivers signature sound profile with a balance of deep bass, full mid-range and crisp highs to ensure any genre of music sounds great

a) 10 mm powerful speaker

b) Compact packaging with 1.2 cord length
c) In-line Mic
d) Decent audio output.
Get these awesome Portronics earphones with the decent sound output and built in mic in this budget:

5) Portronics 204 stereo earphones with Mic for Rs.300


Portronics is Indian brand digital products manufacturer. StunningAlways being an Indian origin website, supports “Make In India” initiative and appreciates efforts of companies providing valuable products at low prices. These Portronics earphones comes with in built mic, volume control features and many different stylist color shades preferences, these are a great bargain price to pay for getting a good branded earphones with decent features.

The earphones offers decent sound quality with frequency range of 20-20,000 hz. These are the best earphone in this price range with the best in class features compared to rest earphones for a budget range.

Get these made in India brand earphones for small affordable price:

6) Boat Bass-heads 152 In-Ear 1515BK Headphone With Mic (Black) for Rs 500


Boat is one of the most popular known reputed brand in sound manufacturing company from India since 2015. These earphones offer just the right alchemy of comfort and performance and more over they offer good quality made in India earphones for under rs 500

It comprises of dynamic 9 mm driver and noise-isolating design which delivers a sophisticated experience sound. The earphone’s design is stylish as it has been given designed with grill like design.


1) Big range frequency response from 10 Hz to 22000 Hz
2) Powerful Bass
3) Noise Isolation

This is one of highly recommended budget earphones with  combination of style, power, sound output & Mic:

7) Boat bassheads 100 In-Ear earphone (White) for Rs.399


Available in stylist different colours, this brand has lots of good earphones for price lesser than Rs.500. This one has extra bass Compact earphones with soft caps. It has small efficient speakers for dynamic bass and clear sound.


 a) Small efficient speakers for Boat earphones ensure an exact fit

b) Deliver precise sound with powerful bass, ideal for your listening enjoyment.
c) A choice of 3 interchangeable ear caps from size small to large
d) A 1.2 m long cable that is ideal for outdoor use Rubberized cable relief enhances durability.

Get this Boat earphones, with extra bass and mic for music with bass effect experience in budget:

8)Boat BassHeads 102 Earphones with Mic and Bass for Rs.400


You will definitely get surprised when you get so many features for such an affordable price. This superior quality earphone offers maximum sound detail as its range of frequency response is in between 20 Hz and 20 kHz.

It is definitely worth buying to treat your ears with decent sound quality and strong bass. These boat earphones are attractive with solid design, which gives earphones a premium feel. The headphone is compatible with diverse array of music players, mobile phones and has a clear mid-range response.

a) Type: In-the-ear headphone
b) Colour: many colors are available
c)  Micro efficient speakers for clear sound and strong bass
e) Frequency Response: 20 to 20,000 Hz
f) Impedance: 32 Ohms

Buy these stylish Boat earphones, the most decent budget friendly earphones of all:
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