World’s 10 Awesome Must See Places To Visit Once In Lifetime


Have you ever wondered to visit the world’s most beautiful amazing places? Well we know you all will say yes !!! Your wondering can now have real wings and you can actually go to the beautiful places of your imagination. We have combined the world’s best places into 1 awesome top 10 list of the world’s most wonderful, beautiful and amazing places, where if you go once, you will leave your heart there forever. We have came up with top 10 most amazing trips of a lifetime, these places are best beach destinations, hill stations, beautiful cities, magnificent experiences and awesome must do adventures trips.

So hold your breath to the amazing beauty of our planet that you are about to experience, as here StunningAlways presents the top 10 most amazing awesome places to visit in the world, that will give you once in your lifetime memorable vacation trip.

1) Heart shaped island in Fiji



Fiji is an archipelago (Group of islands) of 333 sun kissed tropical islands situated 4 hours close to east of Australia. So from these 333 Fiji islands, one of the most beautiful attraction of these Islands is heart shaped Island. This island is one of the most romantic place to be at with your loved ones and family.

You can enjoy from sky diving to dirt biking to scuba diving to trekking to cultural tours on these beautiful Fiji islands. This Heart shaped island is Surrounded by a majestic coral reef and the fascinating fact is that these coral reefs are also in the shape of the heart around the islands.


2) Portmeirion in Wales


Portmeirion is a tourist village resort made in 1926. Portmeirion has a fantasy fairyland architecture, that gives lovely beautiful scenery to its visitors. It has hotels, cafes, shops and holiday cottages. You can even consider doing a destination marriage at this beautiful village resort as it will be once in a lifetime memorable experience to get married as such a beautiful destination.

You can land via flights in Liverpool international airport and then reach this tourist village by hiring a car. You can stay here, shop, enjoy spas, go to the nearby beach and play golf. Go to Portmeirion for experiencing a calm relaxing life.


3) Visit to the one of the most beautiful Hill stations of the world, Ooty, India.


Ooty is the district capital of the Nilgiris district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The hill station offers the most beautiful scenic view. It has the most beautiful scenic lake situated in between of the beautiful mountain slopes, beautiful Botanical gardens spread over 22 acres, valleys and the tree covered slopes.

The Ooty is famous for its various tea plantations. Ooty has the best climatic conditions throughout the year. The Temperature hover in range of 20 degree Celsius to as low as 0 degree in winter, but still you can plan your visit to this hill station all year round, except for the rainy season which is from May to October.
You can reach to this nature heaven by road or by another beautiful way which is by mini toy trains, these toy train takes you to the hill top of this beautiful hill station.

4) Live In Underwater Homes In Maldives.


Maldives is one of the best beach destinations in the world. There are many resorts in Maldives that offers an underwater stay. There you would be staying in a luxurious room with a breathtaking view of the sea around your room walls.

These underwater rooms will truly give you a mesmerizing experience. Your world inside the underwater room will be small, beautiful and romantic. So do plan for a stay at one of these underwater rooms, while you plan for your next amazing trip. This surreal moments would definitely make this trip one of the most amazing trips of a lifetime for you.

5) A Trip To The largest falls on the earth, Niagara Falls


Niagara Falls is the king of all the falls that offers the most breath taking view. It is the biggest waterfall of the world, situated at the Niagara river with a set of 3 largest falls which combined together produce the highest water flow rate of any waterfall on earth.

This is most romantic waterfall in the world given its scenic beauty, also popularly called with the nick name “The Honeymoon Capital of the World”. The boat rides will take you close to these majestic falls where even from the distance of around 200 meters you can sense the power, strength and the glory of the falls. During late evening the lightning at the falls creates a magical experience for visitors

6) Bhurj khalifa in Dubai


This majestic building is the tallest building of the world with over 168 floors with a height of around 828 meters. It is approximately thrice the height of Eiffel Tower of Paris. The 124th floor is open for the visitors to see the breath taking view around this majestic tower. Entire Dubai would be visible from 124th floor. It is a unique experience in itself, to view the world from such a big height.

The tower has restaurants, residential suites and the lifts inside the tower operate at very high speeds of 60 km/hr.The tower welcomes you with the big fountain and water shows happen here every day. So go and experience the world from the top in this tall massive tower once in your lifetime.

7) End of the world tours on a BMW bike with MotoQuest


The MotoQuest arranges for the tours all around the world, the tours have a specialty that all their tours happen on the bikes and the bikes are super classy ‘BMW bikes’. They plan for you a group trip with 11-12 bikes running along with you in the ‘End Of the World Tour’ on a planned route by MotoQuest.

The places and views along the route are planned so that you get to see the world in a way that you would not have experienced before, the splendid views along the route will give you once in a life time stupendous view along your bike journey.The tours are planned for 11-12 days with halts at the end of each day. The one of the best ‘End of the world trip’ that we would suggest is Argentina tour.

8) Plan a trip along the most beautiful trains routes in the world


There are many awesome amazing beautiful rail routes in the world that will not only make you reach to a beautiful destination, but will also make your journey as beautiful experience as the destination. Some of the best rails routes are in Switzerland, Peru, New Zealand, Thailand, etc.

These trains specially have the big windows for its visitors to enjoy the food with the amazing scenic beauty.The one of the best rail routes that we suggest you to experience once in a lifetime is ‘Tranzalpine from ChristChurch To GreyMouth in New Zealand that provides splendid beautiful views of the mountains, rivers, valleys along the train route.

9) A trip to the one of the Most Romantic place in the world- Amsterdam , Netherlands.


Now there are many amazing beautiful romantic places in the world, so we may not be able to go to all the places, so we suggest you to at-least see the best one of all the beautiful romantic places on the earth, Amsterdam.

The love is in the air of the city with couples moving around on bicycles, beautiful flowers around, cool soothing atmosphere, beautiful built canals. This romantic city will definitely make your loved one fall in more love than ever with you.

10) A trip to the North of Finland to view the magical Aurora Lights


Some places on our planet are so extra-ordinary and beautiful that we cannot just believe on our eyes, that what we are watching is actually a reality. One can experience such an awesome amazing feeling while watching ‘The Aurora Lights in Finland’.

Many tours arrange for the special tent for its visitors with meals so that you can enjoy the vivid colorful beautiful aurora lights with your loved one beside you during the night. The night spent here will be one of the most beautiful nights you would ever experience in your lifetime.

Life is too short, so plan a trip to one of these Amazing places soon!!!

Now you know these amazing beautiful places once in a lifetime places to visit in world, so plan the best trip of your lifetime with any travel option of your choice.Liked our top 10 awesome once in a lifetime amazing places of the world..!! Then do like us on Facebook and subscribe to StunningAlways to stay updated with our new awesome articles on health, travel and technology.

Have you been to any of these 10 awesome places or some other awesome places of the world, Then do share your experiences in comments below !!!


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