6 Clear Signs To Find Out If Girl Likes A Boy

You meet here every day, you think of her as more than a friend and like her, but you are not sure whether girl likes you back or not. Girls can be really complicated to understand sometimes,  while at times she would be like an open book. It can be tricky to find out but you need to observe few signs that girls usually give away intentionally or naturally to the boy they like. So, observe these 6 signs closely to know whether a girl likes you and if you are a girl, but you are confused about your own feelings for a guy, then stay tuned to check these 6 signs in yourself to know if you like a boy or not…

1) Sharing With You

You talk to her on call and she keeps going on and on about her little happenings of life, studies. Whenever you are together at some place or during call, she shares the happy moments, sad ones and exciting ones with you. Sometimes, she shares her little personal secrets that she shares with very closest of her friends. Sharing little things with you shows her care for you. 

2) Chats That Never Stops and Goes On For 24*7

So she is at home / office/ college and her message pops up on your screen all the time throughout the day. She is busy with her work, yet she takes out time   to reply to your chat messages. She always starts her day with sending you good morning and ends her day with sweet good night.

3) She Laughs On Your Teasing and Comments

You tease her all day, while she just smiles and laughs at your teasing or comments. You can clearly see that when other guys try to make her laugh, she is not easy at laughing but with you it comes naturally to her. You are watching a movie or you guys are on an outing with your gang of friends , she just cracks up by your comments and teasing.

4) Observe Her Body Language 

This subtle sign is more important to observe when you like your best friend because it becomes more tricky to find out whether she likes you as her best friend or she thinks of you as more than a best friend. If she likes you as more than a friend, she will show all below body language signs. Otherwise, if she thinks of you as best friend only than she will not have any of these body language signs.                                 
a) Her Legs –
Whenever you are having a conversation with her face to face, she sits with her legs pointing towards you. She keeps a leg over other and sits very comfortably around you.

b) Her Eyes –

While talking, she gives you her full attention and listens to your talk with all her senses up.

c) Plays with Her Hairs –
While you are talking with her, she keeps playing with her hairs.  She keeps making a curl on her hairs, keeps making her hairs right many times.      

5) Gentle Touch 

Girls often would many times give you many touch signals intentionally or naturally. You are crossing road or she needs some support, she is quick to hold your hand. You are sitting or moving around with her and many times she will give you touch signals by touching your shoulders or holding your arms. You made some comment or teased her, so she will give you a friendly punch while laughing.

6) She Is Always There For You

You have arranged a party, want some help in studies, need some advice on some issue she is always there for you and is just a call away. She would be busy for others, but she easily takes out time for you from her busy schedule. 

So if you see all these 6 signs, then it’s time for you to break the ice and ask her out for dinner or coffee to spend more time with her and be 100% sure about her feelings for you.

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