Top 6 Most Beautiful Nicest Beaches In The USA In 2023 (America)

top-best-nicest-beaches-in-the-us-america-vacationsUnited States Of America (USA) is blessed with world’s some of the finest most beautiful nicest beaches. These beaches are blessed with white pure fine sand and big coast lines along with great sunny weather for most of the year times. These beaches have the most beautiful and enchanting sea fronts with a beautiful breath taking view of the water front. We have shortlisted all the beaches, which have been consistently ranked in top ten rankings by online surveys, they are the nicest beaches in the us with amazing beach shore lines, popularity among tourists and being safe for families.

These are top 6 best beach destinations for nicest beaches in the us for 2023 (America) –

6: Siesta Beach, Florida ( Visit for its unique backwaters scenes)


Siesta beach is located in siesta key, Florida, USA. This beach has been awarded as the Best Beach in USA. The sand on the beach is 99% pure quartz sand which feels soft and cool to the feet.Many sports activities like rollerblading, bicycling, golf and tennis happen here. Amenities like food and drinks are available easily.

This beach is best for beach side parties, swimming, watching the beautiful sunset or just walking along the beach coastline of pure white sand.

( 5 ) South Beach, Florida [ Visit For Beautiful Sunrise ]

top-best-nicest-beaches-in-the-us-america-vacationsSouth Beach situated in Florida, stretches for 2 miles along Miami Beach’s southeastern tip. South beach has the white pure sand and has been recognized in the best beaches list for America. You can spend your day in shopping at boutiques, getting relaxed by spa or just strolling along the beach coast.

The weather here is also humid with great sun all day long, you can bring your own umbrella shade or rent one to just sit along the beach side to relax at the coastline.

Best Beaches in America 4: Coronado beach, San Diego, Californiatop-best-nicest-beaches-in-the-us-america-vacations

Coronado beach has been consistently voted as the one of America’s finest beaches, it Runs along Ocean Boulevard with a back drop of fine homes and mansions in Coronado, California. Restrooms and shower facilities are available along the beach.

Coronado’s  beaches have good sun shine almost all year round, it has mineral Mica in the sand which glimmers the beach, while gentle waves gently caress the beach shoreline. If you are looking for calm waves with the gorgeous view of the oceans around then this is must visit for you. 

( 3 ) Beaches with Hill Cliffs : Lanikai Beach, Hawaii 


Lanikai beach is situated on the wind ward coast of Oahu, Hawaii. It is most beautiful beach in Oahu and also Lanikai  Beach ranks as one of the best beaches in the world. The beach offer peaceful atmosphere where you can sit relax on the sand along with your drink.

There are many small hotels which are build around the water front’s where you can live and experience living on this beautiful beach. Imagine you are sleeping in yourroom which stands on the beach and the sea waves are passing under your house.

Visit for Beautiful Sunset ( 2 ) : ClearWater Beach, Floridabeautiful-nicest-sunset-beaches-in-the-US-america-for-vacations

This beach have ranked 1 no. in year 2019 beaches list and have been trending always in top 10 beaches in America. ClearWater beach is situated in Florida. Clearwater Beach has elegant white sand beaches, clear gulf water around the coastline with warm waters and sun shine. You can see the world’s most famous dolphin at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium near by.

There are some sports activities happening the beach area like surfing and cruising along the shore. Also you can enjoy the music along with the local artist during the sun set time and there are many activities happening along the beach coast all year round.

Beautiful Shallow lagoon Beaches ( 1 ) : Duke Kahanamoku Beach, Oahu, Hawaii


It is ranked as #1 beach in America for the year 2014. For year 2022 it ranked no 5. The beach has many fun-filled family activities at Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon, which is a spectacular five-acre salt-water lagoon.

It is widest beach on this stretch with clean sands and it is protected by an offshore coral reef, making it a good beach for families with children.

Kahanamoku beach is a popular for swimming, kayaking, canoeing and sailing near the beach.There is one more attraction here, Every Friday night there is a free “King’s Jubilee” torch lighting ceremony and fireworks show.

Our Final Words…

These beautiful nicest beaches in US are must visit if you live in America and if you are not living here than also you can plan a trip to these beautiful beaches soon.

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We hope you liked these world’s top 6 most amazing beaches of USA..!!

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