How Lack Of Sleep Can Deteriorate Health & Make You Die Early


We spend 1/3 th of our life sleeping. sleeping is the best relaxing technique given by nature to humans. During sleeping lots of chemical reaction, life processes and other regulatory hormonal releases happen. Healthy sleep is really important for a longer and healthier life.  

Many scientific researches have suggested that Proper sleep helps with the good overall well being of the person, while the lack of good sleep have many ill-effects on the human body, which can ultimately make you die at a younger age. Stay tuned to find out the how healthy sleeping can do wonders to your health and how your overall health will deteriorate with the continuous lack of sleep, which will
ultimately lead you to die early, if you are not having a proper good sound sleep.


1) Increased risk of diabetes

Their are many scientific researches that suggest that lack of sleep promotes the risk of diabetes. As we sleep less, we tend to eat more than usual to keep body energized, thus increasing our blood sugar levels and contributing to the increased chances of diabetes. diabetes occurs when the body is not generating proper insulin to digest the sugars inside the body, and the lack of sleep affects the way body works to make insulin.

2) Increased risk of high Blood pressure sometimes resulting in to Heart Attacks

People who sleep less than 6 hours in a night have risk of having higher blood pressure, while people sleeping even lesser than 5 hours are at more higher risk of developing more higher blood pressure.

Studies suggest that sleep helps your blood regulate stress hormones and helps your nervous system remain healthy there by controlling the blood pressure effectively. As your blood pressure levels are continuously higher, so it in turn increases your risk for getting a heart attack compared to the person sleeping for 8 hours.

3) Increased risk of obesity

lack of sleep is related to the increased obesity, children and adults who sleep less
than 6 hours tend to weigh more than those who get enough sleep. As you are awake for longer hours, it requires you to consume more food for getting more
energy to work properly, thus contributing to your weight gain and causing you

4) Decreased Focus and Attention during the day time

Lack of proper sleep for prolonged time decreases the attention levels while we are awake which create an huge impact on the long term memory and decision-making during the time we are awake. We tend to become less productive than we would actually have been if we had taken proper sleep.


5) You will feel Inactive during the whole day

Sleep affects our entire body, sleep it is directly connected with the energy levels we have through out the  day. Lack of sleep makes you less active during the day time, you would require to strive harder to make your body going. With lack of sleep you end up doing lots of non productive activities through out the day as those activities does not want more of your body focus and energy. A person sleeping well will be active through out the day with the same energy levels.

6) Lots of caffeine intake during the day time

As you sleep less, so you try to cover up sleep deprivation by taking excess caffeine in form of tea and coffee through out the day to remain active and concentrated towards your work. So, you end up taking more caffeine than a normal human should consume. Lots of caffeine can make you Insomniac, give you nervousness, Restlessness, Irritability, Stomach upset, Fast heartbeat and Muscle tremors. while the people taking proper sleep at night does not require to intake lots of Tea/coffee throughout the day

7) Lack of sleep make your memory weak

Proper sleep is vary crucial to your brain’s ability to learn and remember properly. So the lack of sleep drastically affects the your ability to remember the things properly. While you are asleep, your brain processes large amount of information it has received through out the day and it moves the necessary important required
information to the permanent memory while removing the unnecessary information
which is not relevant for you to remember. So the lack of sleep drastically affects the brain does this processing and in turn you tend to forget thing in the long run. Without adequate sleep, your brain has a harder time absorbing and recalling new information. 


8) Mental Imbalance

Lots of researches and studies suggest that lack of sleep can make you mentally less fitter than you usually can be. Neuro-Imaging and Neuro-Chemistry studies
suggest that a good night’s sleep helps with both mental and emotional stability, while lack of sleep set the stage for negative thinking and emotional vulnerability. Lack of proper sleep may increase risk for developing particular mental illnesses in the long run.

9) Skin ages faster

Researches claim that lack of sleep is associated with the skin ageing problems at a younger stage. According to a study, those who had sleep lesser than 5 hours showed increased signs of skin ageing and scored half as compared to people who slept properly. Research suggested that those who slept badly had more fine lines, uneven skin colour, proper moisture and slackening of skin.

Now- a -days our lives are vary fast where we hardly have spare time and we end up sleeping less to adjust our other pending tasks, but it is extremely important to some how manage and take proper good sleep of 7 to 8 hours for us to remain alive healthier for longer.


Do share your ideas, thoughts in the comment box below and share experiences with us on, how this article helped you in pushing you towards getting a better sleeping habits for future. We would really would like to know your thoughts and experiences on good/bad sleeping habits…


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