6 Foods That Are Causing Premature Skin Aging

You want a young beautiful glowing skin, but unknowingly you have some eating habits that are contributing towards Premature skin aging. The only way you can slow down the skin ageing is to avoid eating some foods, as they are making your skin age faster and causing your skin wrinkles. Here is the list of 6 food’s that you have to stay away from eating more often, to stop premature ageing, to retain the youthful glow on your face for long years ahead.


1) Sweets

The sweets (chocolates, pastries and other flavoured syrups) are high in easily digestible sugars. The sugar is not in form of natural sugar, it is highly refined sugars that are put into sweets, these highly refined sugars promote the breakdown of the skin Collagen.
Collagen is the skin tissue which holds the muscles, fats and other skin together firmly. As the collagen is affected, so the skin slowly loses its elasticity and thus makes your skin age prematurely at faster pace. Also sweets suddenly spike up the sugars levels inside the body there by making you more prone to diabetics.

2) White Bread and Garlic Bread

Most of us treat white bread or garlic bread as harm less, as we eat these bread many times as evening snacks or in sandwiches or eat white bread as in Egg sandwich. White breads and Garlic breads are made from highly refined flour(Maida).
Many researches and scientific studies prove that this highly refined flour promotes breaking down of the skin collagen, body processes the bread and sugar
the same way and so it attacks the healthy collagen tissue of your face skin, there by making your
more skin prone to ageing faster.

3) Pizza

Pizza are the most tempting of all foods, it is very difficult to say ‘no’ to eating a pizza and in our modern lifestyle, we often eat pizza’s at lots of our get together’s and parties.
Pizza’s are made from the highly refined wheat flour (Maida), this is easily digestible and they will suddenly spike up the sugar levels in the body and it also promotes the skin sagging by slowing down the collagen and reducing the elasticity of the skin, which will make your skin unhealthy as you age, make skin saggy at faster pace and becomes a cause for your skin aging prematurely. 

4) Potato chips

Potato chips are the packed with the saturated fats and carbohydrates. Researches suggest that the saturated fats interfere with the skin collagen production and reduce the skin ability to be healthy.
They can cause oil buildup in your body and possibly trap bacteria in your body and on your skin, causing your skin to break down, sag more faster and cause aging on your skin.

5) White rice

White rice are packed with simple carbohydrates which are easily digestible, these simple cards only fulfills our energy requirement of the body while it doesn’t fulfill our other essential nutritive requirements for a healthy body and skin.
These simple carbohydrates are not skin friendly and over long term they reduce the skin elasticity.

6) Soft Drinks

Soft Drinks mainly contains sugars in vary high quantities. These
highly refined sugars that are put into sweets promote the breakdown of the
skin Collagen. Collagen being the skin tissue which holds the skin together
firmly gets affected and so the skin slowly loses its elasticity and thus makes
your skin age at faster pace. A 200 ml of soft drinks mostly contains around 26
grams of sugar with lots of caffeine (a little addictive compound which makes
you more focused and concentrated for temporary time).

Now that you know about the worst foods that are causing you premature skin ageing…

So its time to now put words into action, Stop eating above foods or eat a little occasionally. These foods not only make your skin age faster but also these are unhealthy for your overall well being. These foods promote the risk of diabetes, blood pressure and other heart diseases. So try to eat these foods in your daily diets as minimum as possible. Also you can Read- 8 foods that make your skin young and beautiful

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